Abandoned strengthen Britain

It is not oil rigs, not box office hits characters War of the Worlds, not walking robots from Star Wars, the very real structures. It - abandoned sea forts Munsell, the strengthening of the Second World War, the British built in the mouths of the rivers Thames and Mersey. In the years since the war, people have forgotten about them. So they are rusting and fell into disrepair. However, one of these towers in the 60's had time to visit the studio of pirate radio stations, and the other was prepared for even more amazing destiny - to become an independent state of Sealand, the royal power, resting on a platform in the middle of the sea.

Unusual construction - a project of the British engineer Guy Munsell, so in our time to strengthen the forts known as Munsell (Maunsell Sea Forts). The main objectives of these structures built in 1941-42. Were protection against attacks from the sea and air, as well as the detection of sea mines. These concrete tower - Fort Shivering Sands.

Each fort, designed by Mansell, consisted of towers ranging from 2 to 7.

At the end of the 50s the tower finally lost military importance. Their partially dismantled and the remaining on the surface of building gradually fell into disrepair, and older than rusting.


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