Championship play air guitar in Finland

In Finland, Oulu (Oulu) the final of the International championship game on the "air guitar» Air Guitar World Championships.

The winner of the championship Craig «Hot Lixx Hulahan» Billmeier.

The participants of this extraordinary championship are those who are not able to play a real musical instrument, but copes with the imaginary. To be eligible to participate in the championship, the candidates were first qualifying rounds. This time the winner was the American "artist" Billmeyer Craig (Craig Billmeier) aka Hot Lixx Hulahan. In the last two years getting any victory the Japanese virtuoso Yosuke Yochi.

In continuation you will find photos of other participants in the World Cup finals for the game on the "air guitar».

Craig «Hot Lixx Hulahan» Billmeier - Air Guitar World Championships, Oulu, Finland.


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