China will create the fastest train in the world

According to the newspaper China Daily, China will have built the world's fastest train, which on a regular basis will work on the new railway Beijing-Shanghai. Train speed will reach 380 km / h.

When this project is implemented, the travel time between the two Chinese megacities will be reduced from 5 to 4 hours, which should increase the attractiveness of this option on the background trip air travel. Previously, China planned to use another concept train, which can overcome the 1318 km between Beijing and Shanghai at a speed of 350 km / h. Exactly the line is already working on the Beijing-Tianjin direction.

However, later it was decided to create a more perfect concept for a new branch of the movement. It is reported that in the country was held the whole cycle of works on creation of the train - from design to implementation.

China Daily said that a few years ago, China imported high-speed rail technology from countries such as Japan, France and Canada. However, all these developments are not allowed to reach speeds of up to 200-250 km / h. Later, an agreement was signed with the German company Siemens, in which the disposal of Chinese engineers turned railway technology, allowing you to create a train moving at speeds up to 350 km / h.

The new development is based on previously manufactured locomotives CRH-3, moving at a speed of 350 km / h. However, the Chinese manufacturer Tangshan Railway Vehicles Co as improved German technology, thereby increasing the speed can be achieved.

It is expected that the first train advanced stand on the rails in 2010, and in 2012 they will be replaced with all the other high-speed express trains plying in China.


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