Duma is allowed to use the flag of Russia

Previously, law enforcement officers were obliged to involve citizens in the administrative responsibility for the use of RF gosflaga.

On Wednesday, September 3, the State Duma adopted in the first reading amendments to the Constitutional Law "On the State Flag of the Russian Federation." They allow citizens to unofficial use of the Russian flag.

As the authors of amendments, currently there are times when the guards are attracted Russian citizens to administrative responsibility for the use of RF gosflaga. It's no secret that right now a state symbol of the country can only be used in an official manner.

Authors of the bill propose to allow citizens to use the symbol of the country in both official and social and sporting events, hang a Russian flag on homes, buildings, factories and offices. According to them, these measures will contribute to the patriotic education of the citizens, will enable the Russians freely and openly express a sense of pride for the country, love and respect for her.


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