Nikolai Aldunin - microminiature master, born in Voroshilovgrad region, lives in Moscow. A few years ago he had the idea to shoe a flea. Two years preparing, and then sat down at the microscope. Three months later, he finished the job, and "rushed". All this was done krasotischa between heartbeats. Otherwise, this did not create, shake hands. Simply super.

Caravan of camels in needle 7 ushke.Vysota camel-0, 20-0, 28 mm.
Material-Gold 999, 9 samples

Aldunin Nicholas and his workplace.

Kalashnikov at a match head

The artist took 6 months to gild the AK-47. It consists of 34 parts.

This sculpture is located in the seed apple cut in half.

Hull length - 2 mm.

Number of pieces-257.

All works are made of gold 999, 9 samples


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