Virgin Galactic unveiled WhiteKnightTwo

Thanks to the efforts of space tourism pioneer Richard Branson and Burt Rutan be on the moon is now possible not only in dreams.

Company Virgin Galactic unveiled a new model of tourism spacecraft SpaceShipTwo, which should start making regular trips into orbit in the next year. Launch into orbit will ship carrier WhiteKnightTwo, which will lift the spaceship to an altitude of about 15 kilometers on his back, SpaceShipTwo will then undock and go up into space on their own. And while WhiteKnightTwo will serve as a flight simulator for pilots, who will be sent into space lovers of extreme tourism.

WhiteKnightTwo - the world's largest space plane created from carbon composite materials. The wingspan is 140 feet (42 meters). As conceived by the designers, 2 pilots and 6 passengers accommodated in 2 fuselages. WK2 is equipped with four turbojet engines, which should be enough power to reach a height of 35 km and the withdrawal of capsules SpaceShipTwo to an altitude of 104 -110 km, where space tourists must be for a few minutes in weightlessness.


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