Today will be launched the Large Hadron Collider

On the border of Switzerland and France began the countdown to the launch of the world's largest particle accelerator. Physicists know that it was during the "big bang", and how did the universe.

The new world's largest particle accelerator, which established the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) near Geneva, on Wednesday will be the first test experiments. While this is only checking of the installation, the experiment itself will be held on October 21.

CERN scientists believe that the experiment will allow to reproduce in miniature "Big Bang", which 13, 7 billion years ago, marked the beginning of the universe.

In addition, experts expect to receive new information about the processes of transformation of matter into energy, and is also expected that the experiment will reveal the mysteries of antimatter and the relationship of space and time.

Tons of sophisticated equipment, cables, wires are now hidden from view. Technique controlled remotely. Underground tunnel beneath France and Switzerland length of 27 kilometers for the acceleration of elementary particles, in fact, already working, just on Wednesday, all have to show that it is a this work.

Thick concrete slabs prevent radiation leaks from the mine, which is theoretically possible. Experts who at CERN (CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research) work, do not get tired of repeating that the facility is safe and even a theoretical risk can not be. But hang everywhere warning: a possible gas leak of radiation hazards, so that an outside observer may seem that here so everything is safe, according to "News».

And then there is the theoretical threat of black holes, which is also spoken a lot. It's a fascinating theory, but also ominous. Ostensibly Collider will open the Pandora's yaschie. Physicists know that such anti-matter, but at the same time will create a black hole that will swallow first the collider itself with scientists and then Geneva, Switzerland after her, well, later also to the entire planet. Upon hearing the question, when you are going to end the world, the scientists warn that no evacuation plans.

About Collider did not immediately tell whose it was, the project involved a lot of countries. Alone build something tried many times, but without much success, too difficult and too expensive. But the Russian equipment in the project invested a lot. For example, the lead tungstate crystals are grown in the town of Apatity. They look like glass, but the weight in one hand can not be kept.

"When the particles fall into this crystal, occurs inside a light rain, the LED converts the light into an electric signal. Then the shape of the signal we judge the processes that study, "- explains Alexander Vinogradov, a senior researcher at the National Research Center" Kurchatov Institute ».

Physicists want to know what happened during the "big bang", and how did the universe. The question: what is you and what is the use, most of them can not answer is the nature of theoretical physics, applied results are bound to be, but when and what - do not know even the scientists themselves.

With the advent of the LHC bind and absolutely utopian expectations. Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Irina Aref'eva and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Igor Volovich believe that the experiments at CERN can lead to something like a time machine. According to this hypothesis, during testing the LHC liberated energy will be focused on subatomic particles which would result in changes in the tissues of the universe - a combination of space and time. The effects of gravity on the Earth's trajectory temporary space slightly, but the powerful energy of the LHC will close the time in the ring.

"As a result of proton-proton collisions in the LHC - explains Professor Volovich, - will be a so-called" wormholes "or" wormholes ", which at the micro to small distances, for short periods of time will be able to move the particles».

Most of our fellow scientists refer to their hypothesis with irony. Professor David Deutsch of Oxford University says, the energy of the cosmic rays that fall into the Earth's atmosphere for billions of years, thousands of times greater than the energy that the LHC could create. By the logic of Russian scientists, long-time travelers should appear next to us. However, if these "wormholes" still appear, a scientist from Oxford promised to eat his hat.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research was founded in 1954, and during that time has become one of the world's leading centers for research in the field of elementary particle physics. Today at CERN, including "Project LHC" working scientists and technicians from 20 European member countries, as well as from Russia, China, US and Japan.


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