The Large Hadron Collider (LCH) - world's most powerful particle accelerator.

The Large Hadron Collider (LCH) - world's most powerful particle accelerator. Located at the European Center for Nuclear Research, at a depth of 100 meters below ground. Is designed to accelerate protons and heavy ions.
The main purpose of the Large Hadron Collider is the study of the smallest particles - the fundamental building blocks.

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Principle of operation:
Two beams of subatomic particles (Andronov) will move towards each other, picking up with each round more and more energy. Thus for particle retention and correction superconducting magnet used in 1624 that operate at a temperature of -271 ° C. When energy is enough, the particles collide thereby scientists create a model of the Big Bang. Appeared after the explosion of the particles will be analyzed by scientists from around the world.

Cooling coils of superconducting magnets of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC, Large Hadron Collider) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) on the border of Switzerland and France coming to an end. Most of them have already reached the operating temperature of only 2 degrees above absolute zero (-271o C), and scientists hope to begin the first acceleration of particle beams in the next month. If all goes as planned, the fall colliding beams of protons moving at a speed of about 0, 99999992 the speed of light, will face. The number of collisions will gradually increase, approaching the target level in billions of events per second.

Excitement scientists immersed in training, probably the largest scientific experiment in human history, we can understand. However, some people yearning in anticipation of the start of LHC continues to translate into a lot of fear around the story of the terrible black hole that would arise at the site of the collision of particles and rapidly growing, after a while devour not only the Geneva Airport and the Jura mountains, but also the entire planet.

In fact, this is not the worst thing that can happen. Physicists have come up with a few more eschatological scenarios, including the conversion of all the atomic nuclei of the planet in the so-called strange substance, the destruction of the proton magnetic monopoles and even rapid decline we are used to structure the entire universe was created in the expansion of the bubble accelerator "true" vacuum.

The authors of "lightweight" report on security - security assessment team LHC: John Ellis, Gian Giudice, Michelangelo Mangano, Igor Tkachev. Last Friday, a special working group established to assess the reality of these events, introduced the "lightweight" the final report, and on Monday in the archive of electronic preprints appeared and full-scale work, examines in detail the risk of black holes.

Another popular agent of destruction of our world when you start LHC - droplets of strange matter, or "Strangelet" as preached trace from English strangelet Russian astronomer Sergei Popov. A strange substance called not for the behavior, and because of the presence in its composition a large admixture of so-called strange quarks ("flavor» s) in addition to the upper and lower (u and d) quarks that make up protons and neutrons, forming the nuclei of all atoms of ordinary.

Small core countries in which a neutron and a proton is added particle containing strange quarks in the laboratory have already been received. They are not stable - fell apart for a billionth of a second. Get the nucleus, which contains a lot of strange particles, until it turned out, however, because some versions of the theory of nuclear interactions implies that these nuclei can be stable. They are denser than ordinary matter, and they are actively interested astronomers involved in neutron stars - a sort of giant nuclei, which in turn after the death of massive stars.

If "strange" kernel really stable (no experimental evidence on this score is not), then, attracting more and more, also experimentally confirmed considerations, it can be shown that the transition into an odd shape is energetically favorable. In this case, the interaction with conventional cores will provoke strange transition the country's first form. As a result, formation of droplets of strange matter, or "Strangelet." Because they are formed of protons and neutrons, the charge "strangelets" is positive, so that they will alienate ordinary nuclei. Again, in some theories may arise and negative Strangelet that are not stable. Is the fourth in this paragraph hypothesis assumes the existence of unstable, but long-lived negative strangelets, which will attract the usual stuff.

Exactly four such hypothetical Strangelet and pose a threat.

Fears of people:
Some scientists think that the Large Hadron Collider can be dangerous and it can not be run. So two little-known scientists Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho sued the European Organization for Nuclear Research. In the lawsuit, they are asked to prohibit the launch of the collider since in their opinion, it is dangerous and can lead to the formation of a black hole that will swallow the earth.

According to Russian scientists, Collider is absolutely safe and does not pose a threat to humanity, and the emergence of so-called black hole is almost impossible. Even if a black hole is formed, it will be very small and will last less than a second.

More exotic candidates for murderers of all living things - magnetic monopoles. No one has yet succeeded, cutting the magnet into two parts, obtain separate the north and south poles of it, but the magnetic monopole - this is such a particle. Again, no experimental evidence for its existence is not, however, in the first half of the XX century, Wolfgang Pauli noticed that their introduction to the theory helps explain why all the charges are multiples of the email.

This idea was so attractive that, despite the absence of any evidence, some physicists continue to believe in the existence of monopoles. If we consider that for the quantization of charge only one monopole to the entire universe, this belief is hardly worse than the belief in a single principle, by which the universe is good.

However, the magnetic monopole - it's not good, at least for the proton. Having a large charge monopoles at their ionizing effect should be similar to the heavy atomic nuclei, and in some versions of the theory - again, not nearly sacred to the standard model of physics, which has turned out to be able to explain all experiments with particles - monopoles can cause decay protons and neutrons in the lighter particles.

Magnetic monopole - it's not good, at least for the proton
Most physicists believe that magnetic monopoles must be very massive particles with an energy of 1012 TeV, to which neither the LHC, nor to any other terrestrial accelerator was not reach. So that there is nothing to be afraid of them.

Nevertheless, assuming that the monopoles may have a lower weight, while they also have long been formed by the interaction of matter with the earth by cosmic rays. While most actively interacting with matter through electromagnetic forces, monopoles should quickly be braked and remain on Earth. The bombardment of the planet and other celestial bodies cosmic rays continues for billions of years, and disappear Earth has not disappeared. So either light monopoles are not formed or have no properties even somehow contribute to proton decay.

The universe will enter into a state of true vacuum?

Finally, the worst thing that can happen - is the appearance of bubbles in the space of "true vacuum". They are capable of destroying not only the earth, but the entire known universe.

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