CERN plans to build the collider, which is 3 times and 7 times more powerful than the LHC

Next week in Geneva will be held the first meeting of the working group CERN созданию new collider . It is assumed that the length of the circumference will be from 80 to 100 km against 26, 7 km of the Large Hadron Collider, and the maximum energy of dispersed particles will be about 100 TeV to 14 TeV in the LHC. When exactly will build a new collider, and what will be its exact characteristics, too early to speak. For comparison - from the beginning of the project the LHC before it is put into operation 25 years have passed.

In the short term, the focus of attention of physicists is still in the Large Hadron Collider. Now it under maintenance. Their goal - to raise the energy of the particles from the current 8 TeV to 14 TeV design and install additional equipment on the detectors. That is, strictly speaking, even the LHC is not yet fully completed. Next milestone after reaching the design capacity - upgrade to increase the luminosity of the collider (the so-called accelerator parameters characterizing the number of collisions of the particle beam with the target or colliding beams). Planned to increase the luminosity of ten times.

The energy of 100 TeV is so great that it is already possible to pick up analogues in the macrocosm. Approximately the kinetic energy has a grain of rice, which fell from a height of 10 cm. The energy of the proton in the LHC physics compared with the energy of a few flying mosquitoes. However, these energies are drab next to the energies of the particles, which are sometimes found in cosmic rays. So, in 1991, was registered particle, presumably - a proton with energy 3x10 8 < / sup> TeV, or 50 joules. This is comparable with the energy of a baseball flying at a speed of 100 km / h.



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