Fashionable food for busy people

"Liquid food" or liquid food - now a fashionable trend in the gastronomic world. "Nutrient liquid" is particularly popular among residents of cities. For the army of office workers, students and all those who eat on the run or a computer monitor is an alternative to junk food.

In place of the hot dog and a slice of pizza came mug of soup and a cocktail. The composition of the latter could include fresh juices, chopped fruits and vegetables, milk, ice cream, honey, muesli, biovolokna - variations are countless. This drink can replace breakfast and lunch.

In addition, this meal is quite burdensome for the stomach: the work for him do juicer and blender. After such a meal would not be sleepy and can be redoubled zeal to gnaw granite science or continue the ascent to the heights of a career. And the idea that not only killed the hunger rolls, but also committed an act of communion to a healthy lifestyle, too, agree that warms the soul.

However, "liquid" is not always useful. The most budget option for liquid food - it's yoghurt. But take a bottle and read the list of stabilizers and thickeners that it includes, in addition to the life-giving lactic acid bacteria.

Or fruit juice - in the public mind between this liquid and a healthy lifestyle is a sign of equality. However, there is no guarantee that you will not drink the juice mutant - tomato with a fish gene embedded in the fruit for more frost. Another scourge of civilization - the chemical industry. Nitrates, pesticides and other synthetic evil, where people feed the plants, and then themselves and absorb it.

Establishment liquid food - are organic cocktails. They are only products which passed scientific and technical progress. And then a wide open space for creativity: blackberry with mangosteen, bananas with parsley, carrots and celery, squeezed or frayed, with the addition of protein powder or extract of ginseng.

Organic matter - is not cheap. A glass of juice of the "correct" strawberries will cost about four times more expensive than usual.

Some bars, restaurants preach the scientific approach to the combination of fruits and vegetables in cocktails and involve nutritionists. Thus, in the Smoothie Time, the great Parisian institution liquid food cook every recipe edits physician nutritionist French tennis team.

However, in the same Paris has a smoothie bar Lood. Lood very well located - close to the stock exchange, places of mass gathering of potential customers liquid food: brokers, brokers and other sales people who have no time for breakfast-lunch. Apparently realizing that the game is on the market already extremely nervous activity in Lood customers do not tire strictly verified, diet recipes literate. If a visitor requires banana cabbage fresh, it will receive.

Dive into the world of liquid food, and can be at home. You the recipe for a morning cocktail from Gwyneth Paltrow: Mix in a blender avocado, apple juice and several types of green sprouts (wheat, sunflower, alfalfa). Such a breakfast smoothie cleanses the body, enriches it with oxygen and antioxidants.



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