Management of a mobile phone with the help of thought

More than once wrote about successful attempts of scientists and engineers to create a universal alternative to the computer mouse and keyboard - a system that would allow to control the computer by thought. But with mobile phones the situation is not so smooth. Several years ago, the responsibility to create a device to control the mobile phone "hands-free" took the California company NeuroSky. And finally, the engineers decided to show off the results of their activities.

During the exhibition CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2008 NeuroSky unveiled a prototype control system with the help of a mobile phone idea - imagine a human alternative to the fingers. Externally, the device resembles ordinary headphones and consists of the following parts - a sensor to read the waves of brain activity and the module processing the information received.

By reading the alpha and beta waves, the system analyzes the activity of the brain. The data can be displayed on the screen of the mobile device. In turn, the brain activity data are processed by special software. It is interesting to note that the processing and reading of specific information based on the experience of health professionals working in this field. According to the company, the main purpose of NeuroSky - to make these systems effective and affordable for consumers.

Demonstrated at the CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment 2008 prototype, of course, feature-rich yet can not boast. The most interesting of already implemented features - the power of thought control character in a mobile game. However, in the future, NeuroSky plans to develop and bring to market not only the management of mobile devices, game consoles, and home electronics - Media Center TV. Let us hope that this will happen very soon.


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