How to resolve conflicts in the family (practical tips).

Family relationships - a painstaking hard work that requires the correct approach. Unfortunately, cloudless family life does not happen. Conflicts, and not very serious, occur in many couples. From the true resolution of quarrels and tiffs will depend on the stability and strength of family ties.
1.Vazhno determine the cause of your conflicts. When you argue, to escalate the situation, you should make a mental step back and try to understand why it happened, and not otherwise. Perhaps the reason for discord became a bad mood, depression, common fatigue that makes a person depressed, nervous and tense. If you have determined that the cause of the conflict is the mistake of your spouse, do not immediately raise his voice in the whole blame only him, because relations are two people, and the fault lies partly on you.

2.Prichina found. Now it is important to study the problem and come to a joint decision. To do this you will need some time. You can not circumvent the problem of party and pretend that nothing is happening. If one of the spouses have a claim to another, you should discuss them.

3.Obsuzhdaya problem, you need to express their views on the conflict and listen to the arguments of his partner, without interruption and without having to go to higher tones. Speak honestly and openly to your spouse to understand the essence of your dissatisfaction, and to continue to avoid these negative situations.

4.Samoe difficult - to come to a consensus. Living in a marriage, it is necessary to work out for himself a peculiar system of checks and balances. Simply put, sometimes you need to go to meet each other and to concede. For example, if your spouse does not do anything around the house, then you should make a list of things he would do on their own, and a list of things you are going to do together. Both people must follow decision-making and not to go beyond the framework set, otherwise a long way to be passed in vain. Continue to work on joint issues.

5.Spokoynoe conflict resolution - is a healthy way to eliminate all the family problems. However, sometimes it happens that can not be resolved by the spouses of the current conflict situation, so it is more appropriate to refer to qualified - psychologist. With special skills, psychology easier to find a way out of the conflict. You refer to a completely independent person who is impartial in their judgments and inferences.


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