Cooler for hot laptops Antec Notebook Cooler 200

It's no secret that laptops sometimes need additional cooling, especially when the temperature surpasses 35 degrees. One such solution, notebook cooler Floston AirGear-2, we discussed in detail a couple of months ago. And here recently for hot gaming laptops Antec company released its decision thermal problems. Not much philosophizing over the name of new items, the company and called Cooler - Antec Notebook Cooler 200. The number 200 is a 200 mm fan installed in the cooler.

The dimensions of the cooling unit: 35 x 48 x 10, 6 cm. The cooler is powered via USB-port of the notebook. Blue LED-backlight and quiet in operation (fan speed 400-60 rev / min) characterize the novelty only on the positive side. But as you know, must pay for everything. Cooler Antec Notebook Cooler 200 - is no exception. His considerable price of $ 90. But for this amount, the buyer also gets a three-year manufacturer's warranty on the continuous rotation of the blades.


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