Kickstarter: cooler bag received $ 10, 6 million, breaking the record of hours Pebble

Leadership Smart hours Pebble, as a champion for financing on kraudfandingovoy site Kickstarter, came to an end. And overthrew them from this position the cooler. Yes, usually cooler bag. Rather, it is not usual, but with a high-tech twist.

Coolest Cooler not only keeps food and drinks cold, but also crushes ice like a blender, ensuring you always cold cocktail in Camping, works as a speaker with Bluetouth-interface and charge all of your mobile devices via USB-port. And this is not all that he can.

It also features LED backlighting and a mass of relevant and useful when going to the park or the city things - cutting board, bottle opener and other useful supplies (complete list below).

All this magnificence in an attractive orange plastic собрало to "Kick» since early round of financing of $ 10,601,265 for the moment, more than 200 times higher than the marked target amount of $ 50 thousand. Fundraising campaign is not yet complete - more than two days ahead, and it is possible that the cooler will bring a total of more than $ 11 million.

Thus, Coolest Cooler convincingly beat previously unbeaten from 2012 record iOS and Android-compatible clock Pebble with the collected sum of $ 10,266,845.

A few words about the author of the project. His name is Ryan Grepper it from Portland to this success was a long 10 years.

«Ten years ago I did a blender of crushers and thrust his old tape recorder in the fridge" - recalls Grepper. I> blockquote>
 And here you can see how it all turned out.

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