The conflict in the Congo (31 photos)

Of course, many of us are now plagued by problems, uncertainty about the future. But let us appreciate what we have. In the Congo right now is a war. And it is for many, many years ... Death, murder, famine. The worst thing that you can get used to this.

In the province of North Kivu fighting continues. Tens of thousands of people in eastern Congo have been forced to flee their homes. Grouping Tutsi military comes to eastern Congo. The situation in the city of Goma, the rebels besieged troops, close to a humanitarian catastrophe.

The commander of the rebel General Laurent Nkunda said that his subordinates are willing to stop the offensive. In addition to security guarantees for the tribesmen, allegedly suffering from the terror of their competitors Hutu Nkunda requires a revision of the multi-billion contract for the supply of copper and cobalt ore contained between Congo and China.

"The government in Kinshasa has signed a contract disadvantageous for the country with China. I am opposed to the concession for the extraction of copper and cobalt ore went to the Chinese, and I will fight for the abolition of the document, which is beneficial only metropolitan political elite "- said General Nkunda in an interview with Associated Press.

Earlier he stated that the revitalization of his supporters associated with terrorism, which is carried out against the Tutsi soldiers from the Hutu tribe who settled in the DRC after the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda in 1994.

According to the International Red Cross, 50 thousand people became refugees. In the town chaos, hospitals and shops looted. People were left without food and medical

Those who at the beginning of the conflict fled to the city of Goma, are now returning to their villages, "living conditions in Goma, where we ran again, becoming unbearable. Located here is simply impossible. That's why we're leaving. "


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