Traditional breakfasts different countries (8 photos)

American LIFE magazine back in 1972 published an interesting article about traditional breakfasts from around the world.
Thus, readers could learn about the traditional dishes of other nations.
Happy viewing and appetite.

Thus, a traditional Russian breakfast (according to the magazine LIFE):

1. Bread, cherry jam, pancakes with smoked fish, jelly, tea, porridge (pudding poured into porridge)

A traditional German breakfast:

2. Herring with sour cream, fresh horseradish, sausages and Westphalian ham, bread, butter, black kofe

A traditional Mexican breakfast:

3. Fried tortilla, cacao, huevos rancheros, fresh fruit

A traditional Irish breakfast:

4. Bread, butter, bitter marmalade, porridge, tea with cream, fried eggs with potatoes, bacon

A traditional Japanese breakfast:

5. Baked fish, pickled plums, rice with raw egg yolk, miso soup, marinated radish yellow

Traditional Ethiopian breakfast:

6. Wat, chickpea stew and figs, sour bread

A traditional Israeli breakfast:

7. radishes, eggs hard-boiled, yogurt with olive oil, pickled herring, olives, cheese, bagels

Traditional West African breakfast:

8. Eggs baked with sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, hot millet with curd and whey



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