10 tips from a man who knew 16 languages.

Kato Lomb, despite the formation of a chemist, was one of the first interpreters in the world and could fluently translated into 8 languages, and in general - knew and worked with 16. And there was in her time or audio CDs with the voices of the carrier or Skype, neither language schools ... kaaaak?
In his best-selling book "How I learn languages", she has made a very unpretentious ten rules for language learning.

1. Engage in language need every day! It's like with a gym - if you want an impressive muscles - train them regularly! Set aside at least 10-15 minutes for reading or repeating new phrases.

2. If you wish to learn a language is weakened too quickly come up with its own algorithm classes. For example, a little busy, then - a little music, a little break for a walk.

3. Context - our everything! Never learn individual words, only in the context! For example, if you remember the expression «strong wind», one of the words will automatically trigger a memory of the second!


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