Things from the past

 - Remember how washed plastic bags? Now it seems ridiculous, but then erased. Try to wash the modern, it is not that washing will not survive, he would not live up to what would be soiled.
 - And before that we wiped triple cologne or alcohol to the cartridge reel tape recorder, and then in the cassette. The smell was then "all drunks here" and tape recorder in response to the smell, "singing" better. And the technique, you see, like alcohol.

 - And also bonded nail polish jammed film. Now glue the inning. Films anymore. But the wheels on the car window as a radar post. Like radar GAI-person is very afraid of this disc.
 - We watch TV, and stressed that it was interesting for us.
 - Previously, darning stockings that would once again put on them, and when that did not help, then cut them into sponges for washing dishes, or onions are stored in the winter. This is only Zadornov laughs with this method of storing onions, but because the whole country is kept, and the onions retain freshness and sluggish in a container.

 - Remember the milk in triangular packages? The convenient thing was. Pour convenient to put in the fridge. It is now in their plastic bottled. You open it, and then nosishsya with this package - all do not drink, and put on the table is dangerous.
 - Now no one is gaining hot water in the teapot to boil faster.
 - And before that I wore a dress combination. Well, now that fashion this attribute removed the laundry. Can you imagine, like a man and a section at a crucial moment, and then another "dress».
 - Previously, I went to buy bread in the "buloshnuyu." And the taxi did not go there ...
 - Remember this demanding cry from the window: "Sirooozha! Home, kushaaaat! ". Now this is the Serge sitting on or at home and either chatting or passes the next level.
 - We used every evening wound up clock and alarm. And alarm clocks were hoo what. Dead raised its peal. Bedside table trembled as they heard the alarm even the neighbors.

 - When rubbed, the sprayed water from his mouth.
 - And what would we have to clean the ears of cotton welling to match.
 - Now, no one cleans carpets the first snow.
 - No one remembers the difference between blue eraser from the red. Blue erases pencil and red - erases ink and doing a hole in the paper.
 - But those tear-off calendars - an indispensable attribute of any corridor. And tips in them that we were collecting zeal creepy.


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