Engineering marvel! (a photo)

To quote the author. Photo below

In the morning I came to work and saw the engineering marvel!

After compiling a project you need to get rid of the self-test, which consists of several very long script (several hours each). The self-test has been run once.
The next morning, I am waiting for testers MessageBox notifying exception 0xC0000005.
The investigation of the phenomenon
- To analyze the logs: Error occurred in 19.46 the previous day, that is 6 hours of testing.
- Aware that the test lasts ten hours - to start again is not very desirable.
- Press the "Welcome" on MessageBox'e - perform self-test continued.
Brainstorm the topic, "Why? "
A: The error occurred because komputera transition into power saving mode.
An another brainstorming session on "How to be?».
To change power settings during the test would not be desirable.
And besides, I have no right to change these settings. And those who have already left the right.
Offer to devise anti-keylock supported by a majority of votes.

Invented anti-keylock:
It is known that in order to komputera diet has not changed enough to stick some thread on komputere key or move the mouse.
The only automated manipulator connected to komputerom - a "stand-by-cup coffee».
Thanks to multi-tasking OS «okna.pvh" managed to stand on the load utility that is
at specified intervals, and pushes back the carriage swallows CD-drive.
the rest - classical mechanics.
Robot (dare I say it) worked more than 14 hours.
And now I ask to love and favor ...


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