Acacia / Akasia / Acacia (2003)

Title: Acacia
Original title: Akasia / Acacia
Country: South Korea
Year: 2003
Genre: Thriller, Drama, Mystery
Directed by Park Ki Hyung
Cast: He Jin Shim, Kim Jin Gёn, Moon On Bin, Yoon Yong On
Description: A beautiful country house, Mi-Cuk live a happy and peaceful life with her husband and his father. Her only problem - is that she and her husband do not have children after 10 years of marriage. Mi-Cuk and her husband decide to go to a shelter, where they adopt a boy, Jean-Suna, which smyshlёn not for years and still draws more amazing. But when the boy starts to show an unusual attachment to the acacia trees and playing with dead insects, happy couple begins to suspect that something was wrong and apprehension gloomy shadow falls on all the inhabitants of the house ...


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