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Some time ago, to be exact - September 10, 1945, Lloyd Olsen, an American farmer, invited to dinner some individuals. On this occasion he decided to hack to death cock. The choice fell on a five-month Mike, as the youngest of the available stock. As a guest lady most revered chicken neck (well, there is such), the head of the condemned rubilas like, you know, as close to the neck.
It turned out quite impressive - the base of the ear and the brain remained with the body.
And here is the fun began. After the procedure, the Beheading Mike shook himself and went for a walk around the yard. The owner does not say that surprised this turn. Well, ran - and lie. Anything can happen with these feathered in agony. But there it was - Mike walked Know yourself and do not give thought oak. Moreover, made some reflex movements - such as peck grain, drink water or clean feathers. It took several hours - Rooster lived. Lloyd, do not be a fool, thought it was a sign of destiny and act accordingly - Mike took the house on full board - dug from the pipette drink, push through the esophagus food, helped clean the throat when he suddenly began to choke secretions. By the way, it turned out that the execution jugular Vienna was not cracked (I do not know how he chopped), and a blood clot corked the remaining vessels. And it turned out that those remnants of the brain is sufficient to sustain life. So the "brainless chicken" (or rooster, as in this case) - not without foundation expression. And like a living creature, walking, eating, etc. - A brain zero. Mdja ... Well, Mike died a half later, purely by mistake. Even the weight gained during this time pretty ...


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