Christmas tree grown in the lung (3 photos)

Artem Sidorkina from Izhevsk was diagnosed with "cancer." But during surgery the doctors found in the body of Man 5-centimeter spruce branches.

 - Yes, we were sure one hundred percent. In 28-year-old male had severe attacks, he often coughed up blood, - says Vladimir Kamashev, deputy. the head physician of the Udmurt Oncology Center. - We looked at the pictures of X-ray and found a tumor. I am in favor of such a practice I had seen hundreds. We decided to do the operation.

Even opening the chest, the doctor had no doubt that the cancer Artem. But before you cut half light, I decided to make this - to pay for urgent research piece body. I make an incision and ... stumbled on green spruce branches.

 - I blinked three times, thinking - imagining - smiling doctor. - Carefully so I am talking to the assistant: "Go look ... I think there is tree!" He nodded, dumbfounded. Then he admitted that he thought that I mad.

Herringbone removed. And immediately measured - 5 centimeters!
Doctors are still in shock. Inhale or swallow such a sprig Artem could not - it is not just held in the lung. So, the guy breathed a very small kidney ate. And she sprouted in the lung. And what has all conditions - moisture, heat, oxygen.

 - I was told that I was coughing blood, not because of some illness. Just needle touched the capillaries ... It was very painful. But honestly, I do not feel that in me some kind of foreign body. Yes, and growing! - Still surprised saved the patient. A piece of lung Artema placed in a special solution.

 - This is a unique copy! We will study it, to confirm the hypothesis sprouted spruce bud - says Kamashev. - It was after these stories and think: is it worth breathe ?!


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