Miracles gymnastics (5 photos)

Artist-Extreme Eskil Ronningsbakken demonstrates the wonders of tightrope walking.
Balancing on a wire or a pole at a great height - it even look scared.
And all this without insurance.

Breathtaking stunts Extreme named Eskil made over the abyss at a height of 1 km. Preparation for the complex undertaking required the utmost caution and special security measures. Between the two rocks pulled robust metal cable on which the daredevil had to ride a bicycle. But the most interesting witnesses of this action was to see a little bit later.

Undressed as if nothing had happened naked, driving a good half way, stuntman, and stood on his head like a gymnast in sports spread his legs, thus putting on display all their charms. It is noteworthy that did not stop the Norwegian Eskil with typical Scandinavian name Ronningsbakken even the fact that the day before, trying to make the same "feat", broke and lost another brave. It has long been a fascination for the Norwegian profession. He earns a good idea to entertain the people of breathtaking stunts, including even stand on his head on the edge of the mountain cliffs.


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