Lookout Ostankino Tower - 337 meters above Moscow (32 photos)

As you probably already know, in April 2009, 9 years after the fire was finally restored lookout Ostankino television tower. Particularly noteworthy are the rules visit the TV tower. To begin, prepare 500 rubles per person on weekdays and 600 rubles at the weekend. Do not forget to dial a group of 30 people, copy all passport details, and a few days before a visit to send data to the security service. It should also be borne in mind that women with obvious signs of pregnancy, children under 12 and adults over 70 years to the observation deck is not allowed at all. If your child is between 12 and 14 years of age, shall be zagransporta (requires an identification document with a photo). Oh yeah, I forgot, you need to pay a visit to pay in advance, and only on weekdays. So to get to the observation deck just walking past just is not possible.

Further, if you do pay a visit and appeared at the appointed time you will find a fascinating process inspection. Passport you check several times. You will receive a plastic card with a bar code and sent to the gateway. It's such a screening area where entry is strictly one. Customs control at the airport and it looks easy.

Well, finally the complexities behind, and you find yourself at the base of the tower. There is a small museum and you will spend a little history of the tower.

After you inspect all the exhibits you will be shown a movie about safety and the rules of conduct during the evacuation. And then in small groups of about 6 people on the new ThyssenKrupp elevator for 1 minute you raise to a height of 337 meters.

And finally you are on top. Really, I can say that the 350-meter telemachte sensations and experiences much more. As for photography - it is extremely unfortunate. Worse than up here at 11 o'clock may only be noon. But the main thing is that quite frankly not look at that. Near Exhibition Center only, and the city center somewhere very far away. Okay, let's see what you can see here. Here's an example ENEA Street. Academician Korolev and Prospekt Mira.

Boat station at the Ostankino pond.


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