Fighting for a place (4 pics + text)

In the early 2000s, the Moscow government decided to create at zamkadovskih lands (around Sherbinki) major new neighborhood. One obstacle to this was the old Warsaw highway. By the Moscow Olympics in 1980 was opened Simferopol highway - at the time one of the best highways with luxurious junction with Ring Road. Nemoskvichi can remember denouement of the film "Moscow" directed by Zel'dovich, that there are huge letters MOSCOW.
So, if there is such a highway (in Soviet times, I was struck by the maximum permissible speed on the track seems to be 110 km / h), the old Varshavke money is not particularly invested. And we went to the country in ten villages, traffic lights and left turns from the extreme series. The apotheosis of this highway was traveling under rail tracks Kursk direction. The road narrowed to one lane in each direction, under a bridge in the spring, autumn, and after a decent rain were deep mud puddles. Periodically stuck under the bridge long truck they drove under the bridge, followed by a fairly steep climb, and rested on the roof of the tunnel vault.
For the new district such a road would be a serious lowering the cost per square meter factor, and 29 March 2005, the Government of Moscow issued a decree N171-PP / O, which in particular said:
& Quot; ... 3.1. Together with Moscomarchitecture complete in 2005-2006. development, coordination and approval of projects:
- Reconstruction of the Warsaw highway in the area of ​​the projected directions of travel to the projected 733 728; ... & quot;
No sooner said than done. July 25, 2007 the Government of Moscow issued a "decree in 1576-RP On the release of the territory for the reconstruction of Warsaw highway in the area from Moscow to the city Sherbinki».
The most important point of this order is "1. Implement the liberation of redevelopment on the site of the Warsaw highway from Moscow to the city Sherbinki in accordance with Annexes 1 and 2 to the present regulation »
Appendix 1 is a list of homes and territories to be resettled. Number 4 where indicated structure at Warsaw highway, d. 174.
What kind of a house? On the maps of Google, you can see what was of interest to us on the road section to the start of construction.
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