Why Novosibirsk canceled the concert "Monsters of Rock" (9 photos)

This concert was to become one of the major rock concerts of the year.
Judge for yourself in Novosibirsk should have come such heavyweights as the Scorpions, Alice Cooper, Rasmus and Kingdome Come.
But on Friday, about 19-00, the stage collapsed. Judging from the photos, the cause was too heavy equipment, which was suspended from above.
Novosibirsk on one forum I read about 100 tons of equipment. But somehow can not imagine that it was so heavy.
At 2 am on Saturday, the organizers decided to cancel the show about because the company, which was engaged in setting the stage could not guarantee timely repair and safety of the performers.
Yes and apparatus collapsed from such a height, hardly remained intact.
Incidentally, the cheapest ticket cost 1,500 rubles, and the concert had to come 25,000 people.


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