Five misconceptions about drinking water

Misunderstanding one: the purest water - spring
Studies conducted periodically by experts sanitary-epidemiological services, often reveal quite serious microbiological contamination of spring water. In news releases often appear stories dedicated to outbreaks of infectious diseases, the cause of which is spring water.

Besides the enormous amount of bacteria and viruses, spring moisture often contains heavy metals and pesticides. As shown, most often found in the water the most dangerous drugs, is highly resistant and cumulatively, in particular DDT and other poisons TMTD long out of production because of their danger to humans.

Misconception two: water quality, of course, affect the health, but slightly

It is a serious error, which can be costly. According to the WHO, more than 80% of infectious diseases in the world due to the poor quality of drinking water potreblinemoy. Much the same applies to non-infectious urological diseases, the prevalence of which is directly dependent on the quality of water.

Oncologists until that refrain from loud statements and frightening figures for all that prove that pesticides, heavy metals and oil products can become not difficult to cause cancer.

Misunderstanding three: genuine replacement cartridges resource is specified in the technical data sheet

This is true for water passing through the more or less effective system of water treatment and not subjected to serious secondary pollution. Unfortunately, the water treatment system in most Russian cities is removed from the water only a portion of solids and microorganisms, replacing them with a full range of organochlorine compounds. After a kind of "clean up" the moisture secondarily contaminated, moving the system davnehonko worn pipes. As a result, water filters obtained before the contaminated water that the filter elements must be changed twice as often than those specified in the passport. In that case, if the owner of the filter ignores this rule, the filter stops initially purified water, and after that, it does contaminate begins as sorbent can no longer keep a large number of deposited impurities.

Misunderstanding four: the most-most expensive filter - the best-

Even extremely expensive filter can not leave the water purified in the course if it is not working filtration component with contaminants present in the water. Especially useless, from this standpoint, the so-called jars. Cartridges of such filters is easy not able to remove all the impurities contained in ordinary tap water, so how would not cost a kind of filter, the result of his work will be to put it mildly, unsatisfactory.

In fact, the best filter is matched based on the composition of tap water, the distance is not all the way to such an organization will be costly.

By the way, to find data on the chemical composition of water is now simple: to practice all reputable companies that sell water purification systems, provide such a service.

Misunderstanding Five: bottled moisture - ideal solution

The quality of bottled water is not in doubt ... in Sweden or Luxembourg. In Russia, everything is different: the high profitability of the "business" of manufacturing and selling fake bottled water, and gaps in the legislation have led to the dominance of surrogates issued for a quality product. As a result, a person who buys the water on the market or at a kiosk, and sometimes at the supermarket, can obtain a unique solution in its severity, sold as "crystal clear water extracted from artesian wells ..."


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