Our younger brothers (17 photos)

Owls from Brazil, seals from Germany, the elephant from Sri Lanka, duck from the island of Java, a puppy from Greenland, flamingos from Vienna, lions from Uruguay, mandrill monkey from Holland, a horse from the state of California. These and other animals you will see today in our "animal" collection.

1. After traveling from San Jose to Vacaville, California, Cathy (left) gave a friendly kiss his friend Buddy, while their owners stopped to eat. (Rick Roach / The Reporter via AP)

2. Mandrill licks a big piece of ice cream in the city zoo Rhenen, Netherlands. The animals in the zoo give the ice to help them endure the heat when the temperature rises to 28 degrees Celsius. (Robin Utrecht / AFP - Getty Images)

3. Ducks sent to the lake farming village in Temanggunge, Central Java. Poultry farming in Indonesia is growing rapidly, while measures against avian influenza using primitive. (Romeo Gacad / AFP - Getty Images)


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