Artek (20 photos)

Artek all know as the International Children's Center. Artek today - a place of rest pampered creature comforts, but quite unpretentious true lovers of the Crimean Southern Coast. Beautiful parks, wild beaches, clean mountain air - that's what attracts residents of large cities, are tired of the noise, the endless stream of cars. Here you will not find luxury cottages, apartments with a modern renovation, restaurants, bars, all of what is called "a celebration of life." Everything is quite modest and cozy.
The camp became a Ukrainian, and the entrance to the territory, but to kids, youth leaders, workers and visitors at Artek "Ayu-Dag" is prohibited. Even if it is possible to go through a checkpoint, which was closed on all sides by the camp, you will gladly meet patrol, scurrying back and forth across the vast territory of the camp. Better to have a card with them, or may expel corny.


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