Artek - summer in Crimea

In 2004 in Paris book "Artek - summer in the Crimea." Author of the album amazing French photographer Claudine Dori. Today it is one of the most famous and acclaimed photographers in Europe (winner of the prize "Niepce" in 2004, "World Press Photo" Oskar Barnack 2000 and 1999). And very pleased that among her works have a large series dedicated to Artek, on which she worked from 1994 to 2003.

The album is unique not only highly artistic photographs of the master, but also the fact that it is perhaps the only collection of photos about the real life of Artek. Alas, all filmed in Artek can be divided into three groups. 1) - Artek holidays, events and other officialdom. 2) - landscapes and views of Artek. 3) - static photos of different people (from the series "I and my friend Bob on the background of Ayu-Dag, body, palms, counselor, etc.". But the photos depicting moments from everyday life Artek almost there. Probably played a role what Claudine looked at Camp detached gaze of a man who knows nothing about the "myth of Artek" (bonfires, horns, drums, and other than the jaded other photo of Artek). In contrast to the photos "beautiful" and "staged shots" work Dori It should be considered long and hard. But even after the 10th viewing them, you can open exciting new items.


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