Excerpts from the writings of the German school

The German school children, as well as in Russia, write essays and abstracts. After recovering from another bout of fun, after reading one of these opuses, I found the strength to translate some of the German school in the Russian folklore.

So, what is in the world of the second class of students in Germany:

1. The Bible Muslims called Kodak.

Yeah, and Fuji in Japanese, it is when they die.

2. The Pope lives in a vacuum.

What a good idea!

3. In France, before the criminals executed gelatin *.

4. We can only marry one woman. This is called monotony.

Sadly, even if second-graders already understand it.

5. We each have our own room. Only the pope is not, so he has to sleep Mom.

That's not lucky dad!

6. garden gnome wearing red caps that they had not moved the lawn mower.

It is logical.

7. Men can not marry men, because then none of them will not be able to wear a dress of the bride.

What a pity.

8. Life insurance is money that gets someone who has experienced a fatal case.

Absolutely! And then he lives somewhere in Brazil under an assumed name.

9. At the weekend my dad won the first prize at an exhibition of rabbits. What a wonderful dad.

10. In fact, to adopt better. Parents can choose for yourself the child itself, and should not take, then they will receive.

Yeah, on pets is also running.

11. On weekdays, God lives in heaven. Only on Sunday, he will appear in the church.

And always the choice of flour, about so many churches.

12. My brother fell from the tree, and now he has a shock cord.

13. Northern Hemisphere rotates the opposite direction from the South.

Yeah, especially the residents are glad the Equator, breakfast in Africa, and to dine in America.

14. The cows walk slowly, that would not spill the milk. Clever Girl.

15. Earthworms to bite then, they have only front and rear tail.

And it is also perfectly logical!

16. Peach - it is an apple, covered with carpet.

A "bald" peaches before selling shave!

17. I am not baptized, but vaccinated.

You can be sure - so it is much more useful.

18. After people stopped being monkeys, they became Egyptians.

That did not know that! But vaguely suspected.

19. Spring - the first of four Veremey year. Spring chickens lay eggs, and potatoes krestyanami.

Here's an ambush!

20. My uncle took a pig in a barn and quickly stabbed it with her grandfather. Grandma probably left "for later".

21. My aunt joints ached so that she could barely raise his arms above his head. With his feet was the same.

22. The Earth is spinning 365 days each year. But every four years it nuzheno for one day more. This day always happens in February. Why is it I do not know. Probably because in February it is always cold and a bit harder to spin.

23. My sister is seriously ill. She takes one pill every day. But so that the parents did not see, and they will be worried.

What a caring daughter!

24. The most useful animal is a pig. From it, you can use everything - meat from the forehand to the backside, skin on skin, the bristles on the brush, and the name for the insults.


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