The world's largest passenger plane Airbus A380 (14 photos)

4) According to the developers, the most difficult part in the creation of the plane was the problem of reducing its weight. It was solved through the use of new and revolutionary in its performance composite material. Because he made the fuselage and wings. As a result, 40 percent of the Airbus A380 consists of a carbon fiber reinforced plastics.

5) Among the larger Airbus A380 aircraft most economical - 3 liters of fuel per passenger per 100 kilometers. It has four engines. Also liner provides cargo modification A380F with the possibility to carry loads up to 150 tons at a distance of 10 400 km.

6) the Moscow "Domodedovo" has become the first airport in Russia, who was able to take on their runways aircraft Airbus A380.

7) maximum takeoff weight Airbus A380 - 560 tons (despite the fact that the weight of the aircraft - 280 tons). Today it is the largest passenger airliner in the world, it surpasses the capacity of "747", which can carry up to 467 tons.

8) The Airbus A380 glass cockpit and improved remote control rudders with electrically connected with the side control knob. Display devices in the cockpit: Nine size 20x15 cm interchangeable liquid crystal displays. Of the nine monitors - two indicators of the navigation data, the two main flight data display, two indicators of the engines, one displays the current status of the entire system, and two multi-function display.


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