International Photography Competition «National Geographic» (25 photos)

Each year the International Photography Competition held edition «National Geographic» attracts thousands of photographers of all levels from around the world. Although the reception photos for this year is completed, there is still time to see and vote for your favorite pictures. We have chosen a few photos, participating in the competition this year. Collected here are 25 pictures of the three categories - People, Places and Nature. Comments are themselves photographers.

1. Curious gulls on the island of Sanibel, Florida. (Photo and caption by Richard Rush)

2. At the final stage of a road trip across the USA I was driving east on Highway 40 when suddenly a storm with hail the size of a golf ball. Near the Groom, Texas, was a sign - "the largest cross in the western hemisphere." This place seemed suitable to ride out the storm. And suddenly I saw the silhouette of the cross separating the sunny sky on a cloudy. (Photo and caption by Brad Maule)

3. This picture was taken during a trip to the volcano on the island of Lombok in Indonesia at sunrise. (Photo and caption by David Bismuth)


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