International Photography Competition «National Geographic» (25 photos)

Each year the International Photography Competition held edition «National Geographic» attracts thousands of photographers of all levels from around the world. Although the reception photos for this year is completed, there is still time to see and vote for your favorite pictures. We have chosen a few photos, participating in the competition this year. Collected here are 25 pictures of the three categories - People, Places and Nature. Comments are themselves photographers.

1. Curious gulls on the island of Sanibel, Florida. (Photo and caption by Richard Rush)

2. At the final stage of a road trip across the USA I was driving east on Highway 40 when suddenly a storm with hail the size of a golf ball. Near the Groom, Texas, was a sign - "the largest cross in the western hemisphere." This place seemed suitable to ride out the storm. And suddenly I saw the silhouette of the cross separating the sunny sky on a cloudy. (Photo and caption by Brad Maule)

3. This picture was taken during a trip to the volcano on the island of Lombok in Indonesia at sunrise. (Photo and caption by David Bismuth)

4. Example photos of fluorescent corals in West Papua. (Photo and caption by Stephen Martin)

5. The male gelada Guassa on a plateau on the Ethiopian Highlands enjoys cleaning. (Photo and caption by Robin Moore)

6. I was in the first car a short subway between Pudong and the Bund and saw this wonderful view of the train enters the tunnel on a background of changing light in the tunnel. I brought the camera to the window several times as quickly as possible pressed the button to get this shot. (Photo and caption by Gail von Bergen Ryan)

7. Follow the left "drifting stones" in Death Valley. Dry clay surface can be seen remarkable texture, and above all Playa in Q3. mile as if hovering mysterious atmosphere. However, this area esch not completely get rid of the influence of man: a few weeks before this picture a few stones were stolen - should end in nothing. (Photo and caption by Tucker Sylvestro)

8. On the second day of my visit to the amazing Iguazu waterfalls on the Brazilian side, I had to replace a camera lens with wide-angle, telephoto lens on. Prior to my arrival, it rained 10 days and therefore falls were particularly great. Standing on the elevated viewing platform, I was able to make this picture a group of tourists, who stood rooted to the spot, which further showed real strength and size of the waterfalls. (Photo and caption by Ian Kelsall)

9. I took this picture sunny autumn days on the prairie near Chicago. To improve color saturation, I closed the sun back. Blue background was directly in front of the camera. All the colors in the image are real, I did not use the editor. (Photo and caption by Richard Susanto)

10. My grandfather was born and raised on our farm in New Zealand. They are my grandmother married almost 60 years. Preparing for photos on the barley, my grandmother lovingly reached out to straighten him cap. It was his last harvest. (Photo and caption by Gemma Collier)

11. overcast rainy morning in a picturesque location on Lake Wild Goose St. Mary's in the national park "Glacier", Montana, the sun came out because of the strips of clouds, casting a golden yellow light on the face of the mountain, about 15 minutes, and then disappeared again. (Photo and caption by Rebecca Latson)

12. Young orangutan moves from tree to tree in Tanjung Puting National Park in Borneo. (Photo and caption by Sean Crane)

13. These fireflies circling around my home in Ontario for almost an hour. Accuracy stellar track in the background is a great contrast chaotic pattern fireflies. (Photo and caption by Steve Irvine)

14. The edge of an iceberg floating off the coast of Antarctica. (Photo and caption by Mike Matas)

15. During a visit to the Kruger National Park with his son, we moved across the river Sabie and saw two male hippo who fought for the right to dominate. Cry of these animals during the bloody fight was incredible. First they fought in shallow water near the shore, and then moved to a deeper part of the river. We do not know how it ended, but we enjoyed the spectacle. (Photo and caption by Steve Mandel)

16. Andrew and his friend, a young sperm whale swam scar along the west coast of Dominica. These two have become "friends" when Andrew saved Scar life. (Photo and caption by Peter Allinson)

17. Crater natural gas Darwaza is located in the center of the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan. The crater was formed as a result of an accident during the study of natural gas USSR in the 1950s and since then burn. The crater is about 60 meters in diameter, and its depth is 20 meters. (Photo and caption by Natalja Silver)

18. When the wave mode is correct, there is such a wave - the result of a collision extending from rock and new wave. This causes the incoming wave to rise into the air, creating a wave similar to a fan. On this day I spent on the rocks about two hours, and this wave appeared only once. And you see it. (Photo and caption by Aaron Feinberg)

19. David Hanson is on a fallen log, beneath towering into the sky trees and fog hanging in the Olympic National Park in Washington. (Photo and caption by Michael Hanson)

20. Even during the grand show "Arirang" - an expression of the state ideology - one person can sometimes stand out from the crowd and fight off the team. But only for a moment. (Photo and caption by Brendyn Zachary)

21. Carrie stands on a deserted road in the Central Ohio at sunset. (Photo and caption by Lisa Roberts)

22. This bee was unlucky to fall into my pool, but trying to get out, she creates amazing patterns on the water. In the end, she still managed to fly away. (Photo and caption by Michael Johnson)

23. The picture was taken on a farm Kwena Croc in South Africa. (Photo and caption by Wayne Holloway)

24. View of one of the many sand dunes in Jordan. Heavy ascent was reduced to two steps forward and one back. (Photo and caption by Andrew Cwiklewich)

25. mahout (mahout) Nazri brought his pet Rajan swim - in this photo he is posing against the backdrop of Radha Nagar Beach in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Rajan - one of the few elephants in Havelock that can swim. In his free time, pulling tree he entertains tourists. Usually relationship mahout and elephant last a lifetime, creating an incredibly strong bond between animals and humans. (Photo and caption by Cesare Naldi)


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