The view from a tall building on Kudrinskaya Square (21 photos)

Fotobloggery made another raid on one of the highest rooftops in Moscow to capture the evening capital. This time they chose the apartment building on Kudrinskaia area.

High-rise building on Kudrinskaia area consists of a central 22-storey building height of 156 meters and a 18-storey side hulls. The building is crowned 30-meter spire with a five-pointed star. The top two floors of the central building during the construction of the new building of the US embassy were evicted, and they were placed KGB special equipment designed for radio observations of the embassy.

1) Kudrinskaya area.

2) Center.

3) Novy Arbat.

4) Star on the building "Kudrinskaia skyscrapers»

5) Konyushkovskaya street Novoarbatsky Bridge and the Houses of the Government.


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