I'll take your coffee

This story happened with my girlfriend (by the way, very attractive blonde). The girl spent the night with friends, and before you go to work, she decided to call in his apartment to change clothes (she lived near). Early morning, disgusting rainy weather, it is difficult (some more machines) catches a decent foreign car; behind the wheel - a nice young man. The driver was very "good" - drove to the very entrance, but still did not take the money. The girl wants to somehow thank him, and with a charming smile, she said: "Is it possible, I'll buy you a coffee?". The man was very surprised that something figured in his mind, and gave: "Of course I will not give up!". This friend, continuing a cute smile, pulls from her purse a few packets of instant coffee, stretches Ofigevshy driver and out of the car. She did not understand why he has so changed facial expression!


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