At this time, distinguished 22-year-old resident of Tyumen. The fact that she was blonde, arrived doctors guessed by surviving the hair at the crown.

She decided to treat the family homemade pizza. Roll the pancake dough, generously sprinkled him with all the necessary ingredients and decided to light the oven. Yes, that's bad luck - the flame in the oven stubbornly refuses to ignite.

"Maybe there is no gas?" - Thought the girl. How to check? That's right - stick his head in the oven and smell!

Standing on all fours, blonde put her head in the oven and smelled the gas is, and how. However, the issue of lack of fire remained open, as well as the gas valve. And then she continued to stand in this position already tried conventional igniter to light the oven again. The result exceeded all expectations - it was a lot of fire, but the pizza that night the family did not wait. Blonde saved.


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