Skull in the sausage

Comes Grandma - dandelion to the hospital with a diagnosis of traumatic - brain injury, brain concussion. Probably somewhere it trehnulos Her head, because it was winter and a terrible ice, so there is no surprise.
And it is in the receiving otedelenii rolled his little eyes and ragged breathing. Walks up to her respectable size physician on duty at the front desk surrounded by nurses and looking at the accompanying documents babanki sokramentalnuyu utters the phrase "remove the skull and sausage».
After these words occur sovereshenno unexpected thing babanka jumps up and runs to the gurney so fast toward the open door greeting on the street, she would envy any sprinter. But the nurse also apparently engaged in sports, because it was to catch up and dwelt on his gurney.
And it is worth to arrange such a stir? After the doctor meant that you need to do X-rays of the skull and place for the time being in the corridor.


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