Science child

We're going to somehow with his wife in the car, we swear (business as usual). I am going food and realize that something is wrong. Hear Meow! Food again Meow and the volume of the sound does not change. I stop, open the bonnet: Here it is! Kitten! Raskoryachishsya on tosolnyh tubes, screaming.

Well, what to do with it? They took with them. Kitty was the fun and culture. We put her in a toilet bowl, it is there and pee. All, I think, I am accustomed to go to the right place ... Not a bit of it. About cat litter I had not heard a kitten, it is seen used to go to the toilet with filler. For two days the cat went to write at the corners of the apartment, is by and large not been solved. Well, here valve pinned began to search the place. I'm trying to put it in the closet, in spetstazik, it was not like that. He runs to the balcony, I was chasing her, cast out, trying to drive back to the bathroom. Here the cat can not stand and low uterine - Meow! Jumps under kitchenette. I screamed - Nooo! - I remove area, but later ... After a noisy bowel unhappy cat tries to escape from the scene. It should be noted, all this with large round eyes watching my daughter, age 3. Cat caught and, to the educational process, poked the muzzle in a bunch of their own shit. You should have seen her eyes! The cat looked at me, startled such treatment, and seemed to say - How! Me! There?! Well, okay, things settled down, the cat was purchased vehicle, which she gladly and went. Two days later, the child read a story, and she says to me:
 - Dad! And I'll always, always going to listen!
 - Yes? And why?
 - And if I do not listen to you, you have me as a pussy piece of shit in the face will stick ....


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