This story happened to me and my brother during our deep childhood. Brother was about 11, I was about 5.

In Moscow, while wielding maniac representing workers Mosgaz. Our grandmother, very much frightened neighbors, strictly forbade us to open the door to strangers. But there it was! As soon as my grandmother is gone, we have developed a protection plan Mosgaz and sat down to wait. After some time the doorbell rang.
 - Who's there? - I asked anxiously.
At it from behind the door grunted something unintelligible.
 - Maybe you Mosgaz? - We decided to help a stranger to identify himself.
 - It may be - decided to come back poshutit.
 - Well then, come in ...
The door swung open and entered received livestock wooden Kiyanochka (brother put into the blow all my strength + blow was struck off the stool). Entered gently slid along the door jamb, and was immediately recognized us as a neighbor on the landing. Curtain ... It later emerged that he had gone for matches. A home we did not leave more than one.


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