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My daughter I have a lover in the shop mom and dad at all tasty plant, and starts to moan and beg still far from the approach to shopping. So the story. Irishka (daughter) 6 years, my wife and I go to the store, and as the daughter was walking in the yard gulyanochnoy clothes.

His wife, tired of daughter's whining, categorically requires the child to turn off the volume on all the time in the store, threatening the various punishments of "not going to walk" to "two days without the sweet" (in fairness, I note that the angry spouse can no more than half an hour) . And store, stand in a queue. At some point in the store came almost dead silence and this silence sounded calm a child's voice:
 - Mom, well, at least buy bread, and very want to eat.
The reaction of buyers and pale appearance mother is not difficult to imagine. Such bases in her life did not exist.


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