If a woman crying. Memo to men.
1. First of all, try to find out whose it is crying woman. When a woman is someone, comfort her safe. If a woman is a draw, take it yourself. Now, if she continued to cry, it is absolutely clear that this is happiness.
2. When your personal weeping woman, do not leave her alone. And all around only think that it is a draw. Be it as close and attentive. Stand back no further than the distance where her voice would not be heard, and not lose sight of - use binoculars.
3. Questions that can not specify the women in tears:
"What do you want?»
"Who is to blame?»
"What should I do?»
The answer to the first question hurt the wallet, and the last two - to the ego.
4. In response to women's tears do not have anywhere to run. Do not save anyone. Do not punish anybody. Always it turns out that the rescue and punish had quite the opposite.
5. Practice sad woman give gifts - is flawed. Better post pack handkerchiefs. Remember, it is necessary to give gifts only fun woman. So it produced a useful reflex and setting of the pleasant character.
6. If you comply with all of the above rules, and the woman continues to cry with you and does not go to the other, so she really needs your comfort. Demonstrate it sad, but the person concerned. It will have to postpone the binoculars come closer.
7. Optional listen to what he says sobbing woman. The main thing - is to pause and sigh softly priobnimat between them.
8. aerobatics will be started up in time for his unshaven cheek a tear At this point, the woman forgets about his own troubles and begins to comfort a frightened you.

If the crying man. Memo women.
1. Try to be tactful. Pretend not to notice men restrained sobs.
2. If enough restrained sobs - pat the man on the shoulder, saying, "Well, well!»
3. If a man continues to cry, check his diaper and let the chest.


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