3 books about parenting that are worth to buy right now!

Parents never leave questions: "How to help your child? How to raise? How to make yourself happy?", but in September, with the beginning of the school year, these questions, perhaps, remind myself particularly clearly.Today we would like to tell you about three books on parenting.

The book "the Word on parenting" is a collection of councils of the Holy Porphyria Kavsokalyvia, one of the most revered elders of the Holy mount Athos. Many people came and came to him, not in forces independently to solve problems with their children.

The book presents real stories about how the advice of St. Porphyrius helped parents not only understand your child, but to see and correct their own mistakes.

We read about problems of all sizes — from how to teach a little boy to eat yogurt, to help her daughter, family life which is not glued because of the wrong behavior of parents.

One thin little book is not only a spiritual treasure, but a collection of wisdom and practical guidance in such a complex matter as the education of

The book "the children: Scripture and Church experience" is a series of "Basics of Orthodoxy", which also includes books On marriage, "love". This publication contains quotes from Scripture and the sayings of the Holy fathers and priests, dedicated mainly to children and families. But it's not just a short phrase, taken out of context, and quite detailed statements that make you think.

The book highlights such issues as the relationship between parents and children, pregnancy and child birth, abortion, select the name of, nurturing and growing children.

Edition has a hard cover and small format, which together with the form of presentation in the form of individual statements and quotes makes the book easy to read even in the subway on the way to work or home.

The author of the book "Children in the family: psychology of relationships" Ekaterina Burmistrova is not just a child psychologist and family therapist, but also the mother of 11 children. In his new book, she shares her experience on how to prepare your firstborn to the emergence of a brother or sister, how to deal with children's jealousy and to build up relationships within a large family.

The book describes in detail all the important stages: "Waiting for the newcomer", "meet the newcomers", "New house,""Brothers and sisters grow," "When the third is born","tradition of education". Moreover, the author examines how to behave in different situations: from class, with twins, with twins, with kids that have age difference of 2.5-4 years 5 — 8 years or 10 years or more. The author constantly reminds readers that in every child it is important to see the personality and individuality and to help these different personalities to become really close friends.

The book highlights and possible difficulties in relations with their husband, grandparents, and advice on the resolution of these problems. Almost after each Chapter are a reminder to parents, which contains the main recommendations.

The book is written in simple and accessible language, the author does not go into scientific reasoning, and if talking with readers, as with my friends. Cute, a bit like children's drawings Catherine Vatel help you to relax and to remember when reading the book, no matter how complex the described problems, the appearance of a new baby in the family —is, above all, great joy. published

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