Nice evening

Once (I was living alone) I sat at night hungry, and fried a piece of pork - all that was in the house (it was another piece of bread). Just going to eat - the doorbell. Included girl favors which I had unsuccessfully sought. And he said so sweet, barely breathing ... but, no, in a normal voice:
 - Do not wait for me?
I answer honestly:
 - No, absolutely.
And the happy worry in the soul of all the stops, but at the same time want to have, so I have one eye on the pan koshus. She says:
 - I was very embarrassed that I had no warning, but you know - to go home at night not in the mood. Do you have anything to eat?
I show in the pan.
 - Oh, - she says - I love roast pork! You yourself prepared? Tasty like! (this is the course upletaniya). And you really do not want a bite? (and there and to share something had nothing). What you're done! (wiping away the last crust pan).
Then we drank a glass of cognac, and suddenly she says:
 - You know, I'm afraid my mother will be worried. I still go. But thank you, this was a wonderful evening, and you're so good cook!


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