Protect the President

Tour Yanukovich Sr. was marred (or perhaps colored with - here's someone like) small intsidentikom that occurred in Yenakiyevo. It seems difficult to give guarantees a trip to the cities and villages. Or maybe just a manifestation of the super-powers takes his energy and does not function normally usually feel powerful, but not infinite body. Well, in fact, see the hands and touch your eyes is not given to everyone, but the effort is probably requires Herculean. It is not surprising that under such overloads at the head of state refused banal memory. Dependent, so to speak, Mr. President. On the other hand, maybe the pathos of the ceremony of laying the foundation has made such a strong impression on Viktor Yanukovych, that he forgot the name of the company, which, in fact, this project and should implement. Fortunately, it was at this moment he is surrounded by relatives, good friends and colleagues who supported it, and in this difficult moment. I would particularly like to acknowledge the participation in the incident of his eldest son (increases, a worthy replacement!), The founder and owner of SCM and many other companies Akhmetov Rinat Akhmetov, and, to a lesser extent, gentlemen Liovochkin, Kolesnikova and Boyko. In a difficult moment they retreated before the unexpected difficulty and managed to tell the leader and hope that our most cherished title.
Heroes of course, the glory, but also the health of the president's should not be forgotten. He certainly does not teach cranes to fly. Not the same weight category. But if something happens - where are we without him?


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