Beauty contest among the classic cars - "Amelia Island Concours d% 27Elegance" (14 photos)

Competition «Amelia Island Concours d% 27Elegance» also called beauty contest among the rare and classic cars.
He takes every year in the second week of March.

1948 Norman Timbs Special

1955 Ghia Gilda Coupe Concept

1949 Kurtis Sport Car

1948 Davis Devin

1953 Hudson Italia Prototype

1951 General Motors Le Sabre

Alpha Romeo Bertone BAT 11

1956 General Motors Firebird II Concept Car

1955 Flajole Forerunner

1929 Graham-Paige Sound Train

1919 Leyat Helica (replica)

1969 Fascination Prototype Two-Door Sedan

1960 Di Dia 150

1936 Stout Scarab


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