Getting rid of the energy parasites, larva.

Not always have the opportunity to appeal to the priest for help to get rid of the entity, or as they say now, from energy parasites or larva, and not every priest takes up a otchitku. But with a strong desire can cope with this disaster and independently.
Start the fight with the essence of only full of self-confidence and unwavering faith in his victory. So, how would you defend her child from enemies. Angrily to this entity. Otherwise, can not cope on their own, and it is better to turn to knowledgeable experts. Actively take up the expulsion of bioenergy entities, although most of them have a vague idea about the subject of conversation. And help from these would-be healers people do not get.

The cause of a person "entity settling" is often a strong or chronic stress, sometimes it happens that "catch" as an infection.

What is the "essence"? This being thin plan, demonic origin. The most common is the essence inspires human fear, constant anxiety, and sometimes persecution mania. To "see" subtle plane healers this larva resembles an octopus with six tentacles. It's called shestipal needle. A man obsessed with a larva, often imagining something, he becomes suspicious, resentful, irritable and intolerant of others. He is afraid of night noises in the hallway, perceiving them as a hint of robbery or violence. It seems that someone is controlling his mind. Mind one realizes that all these fears - utter nonsense, but he did not get rid of them can Appeals to psychiatrists usually futile.

Lyarva creating such nightmares in the human mind, is small - 40 inches in height with tentacles and held tenaciously through the spikes at the end of the tentacles. It may resemble the air or a gelatinous mass, something metallic or plasticine, rubber. May be same as or amorphous form. Usually it sticks to the human head: one thorn stuck to the forehead between the eyebrows to the chakra "third eye", hence the imaginary sense of danger, as the "third eye" is locked, there is a failure of information, resulting in a worsening obsessive attitude toward people.

The second spike is located in an extra chakra responsible for the functioning of the brain and it can cause headaches.

The third spike - next to his left ear as a result of - hearing loss, itching in the ears and cork, otitis media.

Fourth spike sits on top, here is energetically active acupuncture point and causes a decrease in immunity.

Two rear cleat clinging to the back: hence the pressure surges.

To get rid of lyarvy need to choose a day on the decreasing phase of the moon, for women - a Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: Men - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. It will be better if the 9 th, 15 th, 19 th, 23 th, 25 th or 29 th lunar days. They are considered "satanic." These are days of activation of the dark forces. These days strengthens willpower, wisdom and acute care. If it is on a day to begin the fight against the demons help of higher powers would be enormous. We still have to get rid of the day was not a day lyarva antisily. Define it easy. To do this you need to know the lunar denrozhdeniya. For example, you
born in the 7th lunar day. Add to the number of 7 + 15 = 22th lunar day is the day antisily. Those born in the 22th lunar day, on the contrary - a weak day - 7th.

Get rid of the obsession lyarva good morning or afternoon. If this is done in the evening - the result will be weaker. In order not to feel a sense of discomfort, burning substance on his own head, put an imaginary picture in front of him or looking at her in the mirror. But the mirror must be careful. Not every bear seen in it.

Well, if someone would help in this ritual, leading lighted candles on her head possessed.


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