The movement in the frame (20 photos)

The effect of motion blur is used to show the photo on the speed of movement of an object.
Look at these beautiful pictures and feel the power of modern photographic equipment.

Only the almighty finger of the photographer pressing the shutter, is able to stop the beautiful moments of life. However, not all moments are beautiful and all the pictures are good. Shooting movement requires special knowledge and skills. Photographer may emphasize speed, freeze and stop it on the image plane, if it is properly used photographic tools. With their help it is easy to create the impression that the bullet flying froze, and elderly monk quickly goes through the temple, carrying the flock.

A very important time to pull the trigger - or sooner or later, and at the very moment when a moving object will take its distinctive position in space. Learn how to catch the right moment, is not easy. To do this, be aware that camera shutter inertia. From the moment when you decided it was time to pull the trigger finger and really pushes the button to the moment when the curtain opened the device, it may take some time.


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