Unrest in Kyrgyz Osh

The riots and ethnic clashes in Osh, despite assurances from the interim government that the situation is under control, continued for the fourth day. Rioters - Kyrgyz and Uzbeks - tow the car, smashed shops, bazaars, as well as houses, streets rampant looters. According to recent reports, the clashes killed 118 people, injured more than 1, 6 thousand people.

According to recent reports, the city resumed firing. Tensions also persist in the Jalal-Abad region. All night in the regional center of gunfire was heard, which subsided only with the dawn. Uzbeks flee Kyrgyz Republic. Currently, according to representatives of the Uzbek Ministry of Emergency Situations, near the Uzbek city of Andijan are more than 60 thousand refugees. (See Part 1)


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