Nominees for the 62nd television award "Emmy 2010" (9 photos)

In the United States announced the nominees for the 62nd TV Award "Emmy." The prize is awarded to more than one hundred categories. By the number of nominations stood out TV series "Pacific Ocean", "choir", "Crazy" and "30 Rock." Their creators and cast of claim 24, 19, 17 and 15 "Emmy", respectively. The award ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on August 19.



Perhaps the television series "Mad Men" and did not go to the benefit of marriage, Jon Hamm and Dzhenyueri Jones (stars of the series), but a common cause has received 17 nominations at once. Actors presented themselves to the awards for the excellent actor's game. (Frank Ockenfels / AMC via AP)


Matthew Morrison, sitting in the photo next to Jamie Mace, nominated for the "Emmy" for his role in the TV series cheerful accompanist "choir." The series has received 19 nominations, including a nomination for best comedy show. (Carin Baer / FOX)


Actress Idina Menzel with the nominee "Emmy" Lea Michele (right) in a scene from the television show "Chorus." (Adam Rose / FOX)


The last season of "Lost" series secured a nomination for best drama. Matthew Fox naminirovan for the best actor of the year. Other actors of the series: Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell also received a nomination. (Mario Perez / AP)


88-year-old Betty White proved that come into the genre of comedy is never too late. Thanks page on the social network Facebook, which inflated the popularity of Betty to the status of a cult actress, she acted as a leading comedy show "Saturday Night Live." She received a nomination for "Best Actress invited comedy," one of 12 nominations, which won the show. During his thirty-five story show "Saturday Night Live" have gathered in the collection of 126 nominations for the prize "Emmy", surpassing the record «ER», has received 124 nominations for all the years of its existence. (Dana Edelson / NBC Universal)


TV company HBO project "Pacific Front", which tells of the courage and heroism of the participants in the battles Pálava and Okinawa during World War II, has received 24 nominations. (David James / HBO via AP)


Conan O'Brien has gone from the "Evening entertainment", but its contribution to the program is not forgotten. Issues late evening show with his participation was nominated, while Jay Leno returned leading not to receive this honor. (Paul Drinkwater / NBC Universal)


Julian Margules, performing the role of politician betrayed wife Florrick Alicia in the series' Horsham's wife. " Nomination "Emmy" and got Morgules and series. (Eike Schroter / CBS via AP)


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