On the run

In the food basket basket Russians considered edible and covers 50 percent of food needs.

Came across the article "5 reasons to get up at 5:00." Ha! I can think of 10 reasons to get up at 10, and add a couple more, to get up to 11 or 12!

I want to be a panda! This animal, mlyat, the thicker, the sweeter!

Modern Russian cuisine - the best way to lose health and add weight.

People somehow always forget that the lesser of two evils, you can not choose a single ...

Gagged not talk. But as it seems!

VKontakte - this is such a special place where you can talk to a wall, and it will answer you.

If you're talking about someone: "He lives, as in Christ's bosom," - says, before the crucifixion or after.


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